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Made It Here — a Style Selection by Borough’s Graham McLoughlin

Style Selection #27 | Compiled by Graham McLoughlin.

Riding my bike dictates little what I wear on the bicycle. As I get older, I care less and less about fashion and more about timeless quality and simple style that’s practical for all seasons. Often the items are manufactured or made here in the UK, a reflection of my interest in local manufacturing and the stories and people behind each product.


Dear Susan Epiplectic Bicycle

These weird and wonderfully eccentric creations, are the great works of London based bicycle frame builder, Petor Georgallou

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Drake's Oxford Shirt

Few shirts are more tasteful than a light blue shirt. Drakes make some lovely pieces, like this one. Hand crafted in Cornwall.

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Borough Card Holder

Simplify your life by separating your card payments. Hand crafted in Manchester from natural saddle leather.

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Walsh Trainers

Are the only 100% British sports shoe company. In recent years they have seen a resurgence, having collaborated with Universal Works and M&S to name but a few. Handcrafted in Bolton

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Borough 'James' Backpack

Minimal design, maximum carry options: as a duffle-tote, by the vertical grab handles or as a backpack. Hand-crafted in the Lake District from sailing canvas and natural saddle leather.

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Beaufort Glasses by Saville Row Eyewear

Makers of John Lennons glasses and one time manufacturers of the NHS glasses, these glasses are still handmade in London.

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Vulpine British Cycling Mac

Classic London style, carefully adapted for city cycling. And made in Britain, too.

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Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

An interesting start-up, with beautifully crafted products and locally sourced. Hand-crafted in London.

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Tricket Stanley Socks

Because sometimes it's good to turn up the volume on your feet.

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