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James Greig | August 10, 2016

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This is an article that I never expected to write.

About 18 months ago I put CycleLove on hold. I was struggling to keep it going whilst making a living as a graphic designer and running my personal blog. And I couldn’t see a way to do all three of these things at once.

But a couple of months ago I had a thought-bomb…

You know one of those moments of clarity when suddenly you realise “Ha! What was I thinking?” and know exactly what to do next.

(Needless to say I was riding my bike when this happened).

So today I’m sitting here, looking at my cursor blinking at the top of an empty article, and it feels good.

Sometimes you have to stop doing something to realise how much it matters to you.

CycleLove’s mission remains the same.

We’re still all about people on bikes, and the magical things that riding a bicycle enables. And we’ll still be sharing the best cycling products, stories, photographs and videos with you (The best way to stay updated is by subscribing to the CycleLove weekly).

CycleLove is also dedicated to helping as many people as possible enjoy cycling. So later this year we’ll also be creating a set of “How To” guides on everyday topics like cycling to work, training for longer rides, or going on adventures by bike.

And we are building a partnership with the cycling clothing brand Vulpine, whose founder Nick Hussey I interviewed back in the early days of this blog.

Why Vulpine? Well, like CycleLove, they’re based in London and launched in 2012. We share some more important things though — a similar philosophy about the magic of cycling, and the importance of design:

Anyone who’s worked with me knows that I’ve raved about CycleLove as the blog I most enjoy and connect with. James interviewed me in 2012 and we’ve stayed close, helping each other. I was gutted when he parked CycleLove. But now he’s back we kind of HAD to work together. Friends with a shared vision of urban cycling without snobbery, on each rider’s own terms. We both love design and therefore stylish bike riding. The ideas and stories that have and will appear on CycleLove are part of Vulpine’s DNA too.
— Nick Hussey

Riding a bike is a life-changing experience, and CycleLove is here to share that feeling, and spread it as far and wide as possible.

And if you’re new to CycleLove, welcome!

Thank for joining me (again) for the ride,


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by James Greig

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