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Feed my Ride musettes in celebration of the Grand Départ 2014

James Greig | June 25, 2014

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Curated and made by Progress Packaging in celebration of the Grand Départ 2014 in Yorkshire, Feed my Ride is a new collection of cycling musettes by leading designers and illustrators.

Featuring British graphic design studios including Build and Studio Makgill, American outfits such as Manual (who designed the Kitsbow identity) and the likes of Rapha and Milltag, there’s something for typography and illustration lovers of all kinds (so long as you like yellow, that is).

Assembly-1Assembly-2 Build-1Build-2 Commission-1Commission-2 Design-Project-1Design-Project-2 I-Love-Dust-1I-Love-Dust-2 Intercity-1Intercity-2 Irving-&-Co-John-Broadley-1Irving-&-Co-John-Broadley-2 M_M-Paris-1M_M-Paris-2 Manual-1Manual-2 Milltag-1Milltag-2 Neil-Stevens-1Neil-Stevens-2 Rapha-1Rapha-2 StudioMakgill-1StudioMakgill-2 Supermundane-1Supermundane-2

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by James Greig

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