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10 more designer cycling jerseys that don’t look like someone vomited logos down their fronts

Style Selection #24 | Compiled by James Greig

Somewhere down the line, jersey design went all wrong as sponsors logos became more plentiful than plain fabric. But thankfully times have changed, and the discerning rider can now choose from an increasing range of more considered attire for his upper half.


Rapha Club Jersey

Inspired by three Italian Classics: The 300km of Milan-Sanremo, the falling leaves of the Giro di Lombardia and the gravel roads of the Strade Bianche.

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Cinelli 1970s Jersey

An authorised merino replica of a classic jersey, created from American racer Doug Dale's original.

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Pedaled Okabe Jersey

With a handy front pocket and a punchy vertical stripe on the rear, this Pedaled design is distinctive without being showy.

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blueOn Heren Jersey

A beautiful wool top which melds Dutch design and Italian merino. The really clever part is the waterproof pocket on the rear for stashing an MP3 player in.

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Switzerland 1954 “Ferdi” Kubler Jersey

If you must have logos on your jersey, this is the way to do it. Big, bold and beautiful.

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Ten Speed Hero Cote d'Azur Jersey

Designed to capture the "overwhelming sweetness of sunrises and sunsets", Ten Speed Hero do things a little differently from most brands, and that's why we like them.

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Search and State Green Jersey

One of my favourite designs — pared right back but still with a unique look, and detailing to match.

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Rapha Super Lightweight Jersey

Mesh panels and wafer thin fabrics make this jersey perfect for summer riding in hot and sticky conditions. Go yellow for extra zing.

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Brand Sorenson Scout Jersey

Limited edition, California made, with reflective tabs and a lovely double stripe.

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Vulpine Men's Short Sleeve Merino Polo

Sharp tailoring and odour-resistant merino wool. A classic polo shirt that's cut longer at the rear for cycling.

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Ride & arrive in style with Vulpine's new range for Autumn/Winter 2016