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Shoes in an envelope: meet Pikkpack, the minimal flat-pack shoes you assemble yourself

James Greig | May 15, 2014

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Cut from a single piece of leather and with a hand-sewn sole, Pikkpack is an easy style shoe with a twist: you have to assemble it yourself. That’s a good thing, because it means you get to choose the colour of laces which bind these simple components into a finished shoe. (For those of us in need of extra visibility on the road, there’s even the option of reflective laces.)

Pikkpack started as an university project by Hungarian designer Sara Gulya, with the inspiration coming from an old Hungarian shoe called ‘bocskor’. She wanted to create a shoe with the minimal amount of material that would make the wearer part of the shoe making process.

The result is a slip-on shoe which goes easy on both materials and shipping costs. And as anyone who owns a Brooks saddle will know, being made from leather the shoes should mould to the shape of your body over time, making them even more comfortable.

Visit Pikkpack’s Kickstarter page to order your pair and help them launch their new collection.

pikkpack-design-footwear-by-sara-gulyas-kickstarterpikkpack-diy-shoes pikkpack-shoes-by-sara-gulyas pikkpack-diy-footwear-cyclist-designpikkpack-diy-cyclist-shoes-reflective-kit pikkpack-leather-diy-footwear-by-sara-gulyas

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by James Greig

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