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Erik Spiekermann talks bikes and design with Rapha

James Greig | May 12, 2014

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Pedal over to the Rapha Survey blog for a short interview with German typographer/designer Erik Spiekermann, who is equally fanatical about typefaces as he is about bicycles:

I had a Daccordi here in Berlin, which I had forever and ever. It was semi-fitted for me; only the frame was made to fit properly. It was stripped down, incredibly light with garish Italian graphics on a nice blue frame.

Having offices in Berlin, San Francisco and London means that he’s been able to spot a gap in the market. So for anyone thinking of starting a bike shop in Berlin, Erik has your business plan worked out already:

I wish there was a store in Berlin that had a decent repair shop where they don’t look down their nose at you and it also sold Rapha clothing. Someone should open one up because it just doesn’t exist!

A couple of years back, Eric posted a photo of his own personal Berlin bike garage to our “What bike do you ride?” thread here on CycleLove.

If you’re suffering from a hallway that is permanently jammed with bikes, you might want to avert your eyes now:


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by James Greig

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