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Autumn 2012 for the Gentleman Rider

Functional style for those cooler Autumn rides
Style Selection #1 | Compiled by The Discerning Cyclist


Tom (Baltic Bicycle Co)

A simple classic frame and a vintage style that would suit any city dweller. The leather saddle adds a touch of class and the mud guards are a handy functional feature for the town soaked commute.

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Rapha Merino Socks

Everything you get with a Merino t-shirt but for your feet. Simple, stylish, and helps keep you warm or cold depending on the weather. Your feet will thank you for it.

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Cratoni C-Bolt Helmet

The Cratoni is a good fit and has sleek lines that give a very cool look. Okay so you won't be able to wear this off the bike for very long without a few stares but whilst you're pedalling away this helmet has a stylish finish. Comes in 3 colours and I think this white version is the best of all as the red is a bit too sporty and the black doesn't help with visibility.

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Levi Commuter 511 Skinny Jeans

Perfect riding jeans as they are tough, functional (higher back rise), water resistant, dirt-repellent, odour resistant, and have reflective features. Oh did I mention they look quite good too.

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Chrome Lower Southside Shoe

This shoe has a casual feel without being over the top. Specifically designed with features for the bike it also holds it own alongside other brand named trainers so when you're walking about town or out with friends in the pub you can look the part.

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Howies Jesse Polo

Made from Merino Wool this stylish simple polo t-shirt will keep you warm or cool depending on the time of year. I've chosen the mid grey colour here but it's available in a choice of 5 colours. Small darker colour logo adds a touch of class to the shirt, no flamboyant branding, keeping the style statement sharp.

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Chrome Bravo Backpack

A very unique look and a stylish quality bag. Water resistant and able to double in size from 20L to 40L when needed. Dedicated compartments for all the city goers needs (laptop, smart tablet, notepad and even a pen). I've chosen the white version to match the Cratoni Helmet, and the rims of your shoes.

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