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About CycleLove

If you love cycling, you’re in the right place.

CycleLove was founded by me James Greig, a London-based graphic designer, back in 2012. I started writing CycleLove because I couldn’t find any cycling websites that talked about human beings on bikes, not just “cyclists”.

The CycleLove Design Co. believes that the humble bicycle enables big, magical things to happen — which is why I cycled 100 miles to meet my first customer.

And we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best of cycle culture: art, design, photography, style and heritage.

Photo by George Marshall

We want to change the way people think about cycling, whether that means finding a positive slant on biking in the rain, challenging urban transport policy, or refuting common wisdom about, say, helmets or traffic lights.

The best way to stay updated is via the CycleLove Weekly… or you can join me for the ride on Twitter and Instagram.