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A colourfully clever solution to slippery pedals

James Greig | July 3, 2014

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The only real modification I’ve made to my everyday bike is putting on mountain biking pedals, which are covered in tiny studs for extra grip. An effective fix but not something that looks good on a lot of bikes — it’s a bit brutal.

Design studio sovrappensiero have come up with another way to fix slippery pedals, that avoids having to bin your old ones.

Their pedal covers, which are made from flexible silicone shells, can be retrofitted to old pedals without using special tools. So whether your problem is cycling in high heels, or keeping your feet on the pedals in the rain, the deep ridges on Grippine should sort you out with a minimum of fuss.

Grippine is currently seeking crowdfunding on Eppela.

Grippine bike pedal cover 2

Grippine bike pedal cover 3

Grippine bike pedal cover 4

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by James Greig

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