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Colorado Road Trippin’

James Greig | October 21, 2014

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Travel — via the magical medium of photography — with Jeff Frane of Bike Jerks and All-City on an epic 2,500 mile American road trip.

With his dog Baroo for company, he hit the road back in June, armed with a camera. Jeff drove through the Midwest and Colorado, cycling through some stunning scenery, and like on all good trips, met some new folks along the way:

We made some new friends, deeper connections with those we already knew (or thought we knew), and at every turn pursued the secret knowledge of back-roads which has long been my obsession.

View the full set on The Radavist, and refer to Jeff’s article about taking dogs on the trail if you’ve ever wondered about riding with yours.

All-City-Colorado-13-1335x889 All-City-Colorado-21-1335x889 All-City-Colorado-1-1335x1001 All-City-Colorado-22-1335x889

All photos by Jeff Frane

Posted to Photography
by James Greig

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