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Moniker — handlebars with attitude

James Greig | January 25, 2013

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Graphic design student Taylor Simpson has created this unusual handlebar design using a combination of genuine deer antler and recycled metal.

Born during his studies at the Pratt Institute in New York, Taylor’s idea was originally inspired by a chance encounter at a yard sale…

I originally came up with the concept of Moniker Cycle Horns while participating in the World’s Longest Yard Sale on Route 127 in 2010, an event I look forward to every year. While traveling the sale, I found a pair of genuine deer antlers a local man was selling somewhere in Kentucky. As a cyclist I thought it would be clever to create bicycle handlebars made of animal horns and antlers.

I’m not sure I’d like to be a pedestrian on the receiving end of these antlers though — would they be road-legal in the UK?

Safety aside, a lot of thought has clearly gone into the project, resulting in some sleek packaging and branding to accompany the bars.

Posted to London
by James Greig

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