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Swift Industries — panniers made with love

James Greig | November 9, 2012

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Martina and Jason ‘Goods’ have been making beautiful touring bags since 2008. The duo’s love of both sewing and the open road shines through in their work, and although I don’t own a touring bike at present, I know where I’ll be headed to get kitted up when I do. In their own words:

Swift Industries is a two-person bicycle pannier company in Seattle, Washington. We design and hand-make bicycle panniers and accessories from the very first snip to the very last bolt. We love bicycles, relish adventure, and have deep admiration for high quality handcrafts. We see our company as a celebration of culture and an ode to the bicycle itself.”

I’m itching to embark on an epic ride just looking at these shots. The touring world is not one I am familiar with (yet), so I’ll pass you back to Swift Industries for a list of the crucial things to remember:

Via Prolly is not probably

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by James Greig

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